‘Sunshots’, new painting

Art Calling

This is a really big guy- 50 x 70 cm (about 20″x 28″), the biggest painting I’ve yet attempted (aside from murals).

I don’t use a projector, so I did this drawing (from a photo of Rende’s) by drawing a grid on a low quality print of the photo and a corresponding grid on the painting ( you can just make out the central axis lines) , then transferred the shapes by eye.

I really enjoyed this stage of the painting, it felt free and sketchy, and the contours of the drawing are strong enough to hold it together.

This was the result of about an hour’s session.

I could have perhaps stopped here. But what I loved about the original photo of Rende’s (we took all the bottles outside in full summer sunlight for a photo session), was the watery, sunshot quality of all the glass together and their reflections bouncing off each other and the surface they…

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