The Soul and the Photographer pt I

St.Lezin Photography

As I was reading this morning, I was meditating on the relation between the body and the soul.  Basically, I was trying to come up with a simple, possibly photography related, metaphor to explain their interaction.  I like simple, practical philosophy.  The photographer is the soul and the camera is the body.  Simple enough right?  There are many reasonings for this line of thought; visualizing vs seeing, the potential for failure, the operator and the tool, and the potential for breakdown.  In this first installment, I will discuss the first point, visualizing vs seeing.

The photographer can visualize, the camera can only see.  When photographing, it is the photographer who feels inspired to capture a moment.  The photographer comes across a scenic landscape and is taken aback by waves crashing against cliffs.  The photographer sees deep shadows and bright highlights that can be brought out of the scene in a…

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