Yes, But Is It Art?

The Red Clay Report

OK, here’s the latest painting to come out of the Red Clay Studio. It’s called “Emma’s Paris” because my daughter wanted a painting of Paris. She’s going there for a week next month with her grandmother. I told her that when she went, she could take photos and I would try to paint one when she got back. No dice. She wanted one sooner, and since I didn’t have a particular idea about what to paint next, I agreed.

But I didn’t feel comfortable trying to do the Eifel Tower with a brush. My hand isn’t steady enough yet to try to get all the girders straight and in the right place, so I decided to use a palette knife on this one. I figured using the knife would soften up the lines and I could get away with being imprecise.

So, again, there are flaws, but she says…

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