Grand Entrance


The the shallow angles of the staircase to the second floor of the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, colorful in the late afternoon sun streaming in the window wall out of view to the right. The geometry of the steps and color blocks appealed to me with the two non-geometric figures in the foreground, lots of symbolism about goals and climbing  and achievement as we went to see the Impressionist exhibit. You’re not supposed to photograph in the museum, but how can I visit a place that awakens my creative self without taking it in and expressing it creatively? I caught a few photos, though not of the art, just of the space.

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Destruction & Asceticism


Untitled, No. 1

Jackson Pollock, 1948

“Destroy what destroys you” – Against All Authority

In my opinion, Jackson Pollock is perpetually misunderstood. Only recently has abstract expressionism become widely accepted as an important art form that has influenced years of future artists since its post-WWII inception. Personally, it remains one of my favorite movements because it addresses so well the feelings of isolation and human skepticism that engulfed society after WWII. Not only that, but it does it with such variety. After awhile, once a movement has been “established,” so to speak, it seems like most of the works begin to amalgamate. With abstract expressionism, the variety remained intact – and I like that.

Pollock’s drip paintings inspire a wide array of interpretation. To me, that is the best kind of art – one that doesn’t fit neatly into a box. Another notable characteristic of Pollock’s paintings was the fact…

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DC Digital, and Films


Lots of interesting DC Comics news lately. Here we go. First up is the new Batman digital exclusive comics which has now launched, and with Scott, templesmith, and Taylor, taht’s three Aussie creator involved! Official info, and Ethan van Sciver cover, below.

We announced back in April that an all-new Batman digital comic book would be coming soon.  Today, we’re excited to reveal that the first chapter from LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT will be released tomorrow, followed by new chapters out every Thursday. Taking place outside of DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 continuity, the new series features several stand-alone stories by various creators that chronicle different cases handled by The Dark Knight.

Kicking off the first chapter is the all-star line-up of LOST scribe Damon Lindelof with artwork by the critically acclaimed Jeff Lemire.  The line-up for the first six chapters of LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT is…

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Painting: Rorschach 7, Chaotic


“People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like.”
– Abraham Lincoln

I’ll trust the president because what I mainly see in this one is a mess!   Green and black weren’t the best idea for a background I think.  Maybe the orange looks like mountain ranges — chaotic mountain ranges.  The vertical orientations maybe look like some monstrous horrid sauropod sized bug, or a twelve-legged toxic larva the size of the Groveback from that Discovery Channel show “Alien Planet”.  I think I actually like the “before” image more, with the cool looking blobs of paint.   🙂

In other news, I’m thinking of shifting my Tuesday/Friday blog posting schedule to Wednesday/Saturday.  So if seems like it took an extra 24 hours to the next post, that’ll be because it did. 🙂

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Gold Mine [industrial machinery fridays; 7 of 9]

Cherry Blue Salt

This “industrial machinery fridays” series is pretty good, not great. The problem is that there are soooooooooo many things I want to paint and draw that i dont give enough time to each individual thing to make it as good as it could be. I am in an office 40 hours a week so it’s tough to find the time and mental energy. And then if I do spend the hours upon hours to make something really good, then it just sits in my condo, it is worth it?

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Edinburgh Festival – Music, Vibration, City Heartbeat – Life.

Adams Art

On the Royal Mile, one day during the Edinburgh Festival, atmospherically immersed,  eyes closed, ears open vibrations from left, right, behind, afore, above and below flowed into the mindscape.

Musical phrases from some distant musician’s keyboard together in harmony the jazz tapping steps of a dancer metering out some forgotten traditional American dance routine,  repetitive, patterns, shapes, movement painting over the red canvas of the mind.

Suddenly, interrupted, like a baseball  bouncing off a wall the sound was halted and then as if gaining energy after rest returned back on itself, louder but distorted, crisscrossing with other sounds creating shapes like some BMX stunt rider attempting the impossible.

Mental conception, split in two, part amoeba part astronaut, all became visible, large, small, the present transfiguring future into past, the significant and the insignificant.

Realization at that moment became one.

 Music, Vibration, City Heartbeat –  Life.

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Prairie, Bright

A Taste of Morning

This is a watercolor that I painted a few years ago. It is an abstract landscape called Prairie, Bright. I gave it to my friend Carolyn, as a thank you for her help in printing my first cookbook. I used to do watercolor, watercolor-and-ink, and watercolor mixed media paintings – that is until I took up food photography for the book. Since then, whenever I have ten minutes to spare, I am off photographing something or another. One of these days, I’ll get back to painting.  I had thought about entering this image into the Weekly Photography Challenge since the theme this week is to take a picture of something you have created. The painting itself, though, is more interesting than the photo of it. So, the challenge is still on. Will I be able to come up with an idea and an image?

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