Andy Warhol’s Anti-Art

Against All Odds

I’ve been dying to visit The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA, and I’m happy to say I can finally check it off my list thanks to a surprise road trip with Ketchner.

Some people view Andy Warhol’s work as pretentious bullshit, but you have to remember he purposefully created generic, mass-produced art to question standards and make fun of “high art.” After visiting the museum, I still love his pop art style paintings, but I can easily say he was overrated.

Warhol blew up in the fifties illustrating for magazine advertisements, but these early commercial illustrations are disappointingly rudimentary and childlike. Despite their appearance, the blotted-line style of these drawings was an innovation of its own, and that’s pretty cool. Warhol developed a method using tracing paper to mass-produce drawings while creating variations in each one. In a time before Photoshop, this was advantageous because advertising clients had tons…

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