Destruction & Asceticism


Untitled, No. 1

Jackson Pollock, 1948

“Destroy what destroys you” – Against All Authority

In my opinion, Jackson Pollock is perpetually misunderstood. Only recently has abstract expressionism become widely accepted as an important art form that has influenced years of future artists since its post-WWII inception. Personally, it remains one of my favorite movements because it addresses so well the feelings of isolation and human skepticism that engulfed society after WWII. Not only that, but it does it with such variety. After awhile, once a movement has been “established,” so to speak, it seems like most of the works begin to amalgamate. With abstract expressionism, the variety remained intact – and I like that.

Pollock’s drip paintings inspire a wide array of interpretation. To me, that is the best kind of art – one that doesn’t fit neatly into a box. Another notable characteristic of Pollock’s paintings was the fact…

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