41 Day 138 – In Motion & Breaking the Rules!

41 by Lucy Gutteridge

Following on from the accidental blurred banana post I decided to try the same sort of thing out in my garden on some unsuspecting Lupins. The poor flowers have recently been attacked by Blue Aphid (Id never heard of them either!) and so I’m quite lucky to have them still standing and still flowering! So, I set the camera exactly as I had done that fateful day and started to shoot, hand held, whilst moving the camera side to side. A strange experience for a photographer as the general rule of thumb is that you hold the camera absolutely still whilst shooting! I guess this is a more artistic way of panning…..I then tried the same thing but by moving the flower rather than the camera, replicating the high winds we have had of late….after several shots (ok more like 30 or 40!!) I had something quite colorful to upload…

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