Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Durians Stack On Top Of Each Other


Correction:  How embarrassing, I took the image of Jackfruits below way back at Hong Kong supermarket in Norcross GA, and when I got to modify it with Lightroom 4 just recently and I called it Durians!  Sorry for a disappointment guys, but the images below are of Jackfruits!!!

Check these Durians out!  OK, you can make the comparison between the original and the same copy which was heavily modified by Lightroom 4 (i.e., photo editing software).  Which one do you like better?

The images above were taken and created by Vinh Nguyen.  You can reuse the images for all purposes, but you have to credit Vinh Nguyen for the images.  The images above contain the traditional copyright license which credits to Vinh Nguyen only, therefore you cannot redistribute the images above under creative common licenses.

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