Rainy South Texas Evening


Day 57


More scanning and a little design work today. I am scanning all my 35mm negatives on a Minolta Dimage scanner. Since they don’t make or maintain these any more, I want to get everything done while it is working correctly. Despite its age, it still seems to be the best option for getting full range of tones between black and white. Here is a picture of a neighbouring house. Spooky and beautiful.

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Ruined for Life: Phoenix Edition

The elephant in the prompt photo reminded me of the circus. My grandmother was a big fan of the circus and lived for many years in Sarasota, Florida a home for the Ringling Brothers Circus. She loved the art and design of the circus. I too find it interesting.

The excitement of the circus parade must have been terrific.

I think this wagon is part of the Buck Jones of film fame road show.

This clown worked for Hageneck-Wallace Circus, at its peak the second biggest circus in the US. Source: Assemblyman-ephemera

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The Trouble with Lichen

Dory's World

Trouble With Lichen – a science fiction book, written in the 1960s by John Wyndham. He’s one of my favourite authors. It’s about a biochemist who discovers there are properties in lichen that can slow the ageing process and help humans live to between 200 and 300 years. What a thought. Would I like to live that long? I don’t know. If I was fit and active then yes, probably.

I started my diet and fitness regime yesterday as a direct result of a photo Man took of me the day before at the nature reserve. The time has really come to do something about my health and fitness. It was part of the Plan.

So far we’ve done ok at investigating business ideas and the pot of money is growing slowly but steadily so it’s time to work on the other part of the Plan – improving my health…

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