It’s been a good few months since my last update because…… I’ve been super busy exploring, eating, shooting, cooking. Finally,  I am back to home base and will share some of my experiences.

This March, we travelled to Patagonia, Lake Titicaca and Havana in Latin America – it’s super far from Singapore hence, previously we’ve always waited till we go back to London to make this trip but alas, it seems we’ll be in SG for a few more years yet. Thus, our epic journey begins.

Our journey highlights is as follows:

  1. London -à Patagonia-à Cusco and Macchu Picchu, Peru-à Havana, Cuba -à London.

Perhaps this may be useful for people who may be planning similar trips:

Flight/Transit path:

  1. Fly from SG to London
  2. London to Madrid, Santiago and then to Punta Arenas
  3. Explora pick us up at PA airport to transfer to the Torres Del Paine National Park. Explora…

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