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Black Box Art Studio

Symbols. Text. Texture. Contrast. Colour. And drama. These are the things that I hope will be the common threads in my seemingly very diverse and eclectic range of paintings, mixed media art pieces and my photographs that I am starting to consider for my upcoming exhibition (with no venue or date as yet).

This painting is a good example of this…it has the symbolism, the use of lots of black, the contrasting white for love and hate, light and dark, pure and impure.. It has the text, the symbolism of (things being) black and white and the ongoing circular notion of a conversation that goes no where but carries on endlessly… the said and the unsaid….. conversations we have with others and privately with ourselves.

When I paint, I feel much more exposed than with my photography or mixed media works. I feel more open to criticism, (mis)interpretation and generally…

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