ImageCovert calm collection
Of past hate combine,
False reassurance,
Emotional state of mind.
Beliefs convey
The words that break.
The friendships once
Now questioned
With hate.

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Cellphone Pictures – Galaxy SII


Time to post pictures taken from a cellphone.  This time it’s my wonderful Samsung Galaxy SII – now broken due to water damage.  The camera is actually nice and has 8mp.  Of course, low light is still bad and purple fringing is a problem (see picture of the seatbelt).

My Ikea Pendant Lamp * Seatbelt on a Taxi

Daisy on a Toilet Mirror (A Venetto) * Robinson’s Ermita Mall – HallwayGlorietta Underground Parking Hallway

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25th July 2012 – More distortion through cut glass

Photograph: To draw in light.


I found another cut glass front door today.  I have determined that, whenever possible, I will be taking photographs from inside out, through the cut glass because of the wonderful distortion of the outside that you get.

Unlike my earlier venture (see related links below), this cut glass was very symmetrical.  This made for a completely different distortion.

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