Willy Fleckhaus, one of the most influential art directors in post-war germany co-founded and art directed the German youth bible Twen magazine from 1959 until it folded in 1970. Through his work he uses typography to realise his visual ideas, often substituting images for large type and vice versa.‘Fleckhaus saw the opportunity to combine the typographic creativity of US editorial design with the new hard-line Swiss graphic style. He developed a complex 12-column grid system from which came some startlingly dramatic page designs. His trademark was the change of scale between the basic elements of the page. Of the many magazines hailed as classics of their time, Twen is one of the few that genuinely looks as strong today as it was at the time and continues to exert influence and attract praise.’ Here are a collection of spreads from throughout Twen’s history.

Photographs courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/29091615@N03/

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