Post Canvas And Paint: Another Parisian World (A 1990 Paris France Remix)

n e w d i g i t a l s c a p e s

As I Stood on the Eiffel Tower and looked across the rooftops of Paris, I marveled at the world I had discovered…

What an eclectic moment, basking in timeless beauty, here above the City of Lights.

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“Meadow House”

Faires Fine Art

Hi there!  I wanted to share my latest completed painting. I need to say first off that I have had some technical difficulties with this post.  I am still learning how to use WordPress, as I am still a newbie, so I apologize.  I wanted ALL of these pictures to be in a descending order; however, for some reason I had ‘issues’ with this particular post and there are two different formats for my pictures.

I have been working on this piece for several days and just finished it very early this morning.  As I began….starting with a sketch…I took progression photographs so you could join me on the journey of this piece.  I always find it fascinating to begin with a void…a white, blank canvas…and then progress systematically from sketch to final work.  Often, I will complete a painting and pause to ask myself, “How did I get here?”…

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Stuck in a Rut

Source of Inspiration

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut;
apathy or fear keeping us from
moving forward. This time can
be necessary for us to absorb
what we’ve already been given.
If we are staying in a relationship
or job that seems finished, yet we
remain, it could be that there is
still more to learn. Honor whatever
space you are in. Get rid of all
“shoulds.” Our soul knows that
eternity is a long time and does
not need to rush forward.

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