Playing with bubbles

Life in the Bogs

A soul is but the last bubble of a long fermentation in the world.

~ George Santayana

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Trad & Mod


I’ve spent the best part of the last year working on a large-ish scale, mostly A1 or A0 drawings and monotypes, but the past couple of months I’ve been enjoying these tiny, A6, ink drawings in the life drawing group I attend. I’m using a traditional dip pen and Indian ink onto handmade paper, bought from the Tate gallery shop, coloured with splatters of sepia ink. I’m adding tone to the drawings with black, sanguine and white conte crayon. I like this pose, it looks very modern and contrasts well, in my opinion, with the traditional drawing techniques. This was a one-hour pose [great, dedicated model] and I worked directly onto the paper with pen – I guess I’m a masochist 🙂

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“Meadow House”

Faires Fine Art

Hi there!  I wanted to share my latest completed painting. I need to say first off that I have had some technical difficulties with this post.  I am still learning how to use WordPress, as I am still a newbie, so I apologize.  I wanted ALL of these pictures to be in a descending order; however, for some reason I had ‘issues’ with this particular post and there are two different formats for my pictures.

I have been working on this piece for several days and just finished it very early this morning.  As I began….starting with a sketch…I took progression photographs so you could join me on the journey of this piece.  I always find it fascinating to begin with a void…a white, blank canvas…and then progress systematically from sketch to final work.  Often, I will complete a painting and pause to ask myself, “How did I get here?”…

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