Day 106


Worked on one figure in the current double portrait. A very sturdy image. I am beginning to think my paintings shout a bit. I shall have to see if I can add a little subtlety to their voice. Here you see a machine I photographed simply because I loved how much the machine stands for its function and nothing more.

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Anne Crofton Dearle

Have a look at my new blog – Tic’s Tales. It contains stories with very strange characters! They all have ‘tic’ at the end of their names and each name reflects the occupation of the character. For example, yesterday’s story was called ‘Tic-the- Box’ and it was about two naughty schoolboys called Frantic and Idiotic. They get into trouble at school and the headmaster, Professor Didactic makes them stay in school,
under the watchful eye of the school caretaker, Caustic while the rest of the pupils are taken to the circus.. But Caustic falls asleep and the boys creep out and go to the circus too.
At the circus the Ringmaster is called Captain Emphatic , and there is a fortune teller called Madame Futuristic
You might like to have a look and see what those two naughty boys got up to when they sneaked out to go…

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Anne Crofton Dearle

My new book, ‘Penny’s War’ has a huge following on Twitter. I am simply amazed at how many people are following it – nearly 1500! It is really written for children who are studying WW2 at school, but will also be of interest to adults who, like me, were wartime children.
The story takes place in Heptonstall, a little village in Yorkshire, where a young brother and sister are sent as evacuees. This is autobiographical as like these two, I also was an evacuee in Heptonstall. I was not, however, billeted on a couple of German spies like the children in the story!
As well as the story I have included information about wartime issues such as British Restaurants and rationing as well as the school leaving age in the 1940s etc. Things that may interest, and perhaps surprise, children studying the subject.
‘Penny’s War’ is a limited edition published…

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