Tic's Tales

The circus was coming to town. The world famous clown Antic, came along in advance to tell everybody all about it.
“Roll up, roll up” he called to the children, “Come and see the tightrope walker, Athletic, balancing on the high wire, and Miss Elastic swinging on the trapeze, her daring tricks will make you gasp with amazement.”
“Come and see the wonderful Madam Futuristic, she will tell you your fortune, she can see it all in her crystal ball.”
Gigantic, the man on stilts, blew a trumpet as he followed the clown, stepping over the children and peering down on them from his great height.
Ballistic, the juggler danced along tossing coloured balls in the air and Gymnastic, the tumbler did cartwheels and handstands in among the children.
Mr Hypnotic, the mind reader watched the children and knew how excited they were because he could see into their thoughts…

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Anne Crofton Dearle

This is a photograph taken in 1909 to celebrate the 90th birthday of my Great Grandfather, Frederick Fuller.
I like it so much because it is so natural with the old man sitting among members of his family in his garden in London. Considering how formal family photographs were at this period, with people standing stiffly and literally glaring at the camera, this is just a lovely picture of a group of ordinary people.
The only boy in the picture is my father, Frances Fuller, when he was nine years old.
The rather severe looking lady in a hat is his mother, (the old man’s daughter-in-law) and the girl at the top right of the photo is his sister, my Aunt Mabel. I do not know who the other people are but suppose they are the old man’s daughters and granddaughters.
Whoever they are I love them because they are…

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