Exploring Social Media as a Personal Negotiating Tool

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After a 6 year hiatus I decided to get back into mountain biking, but during that time my little brother turned my beautiful mountain chariot into a dilapidated non-functioning rust bucket. The shifty manager at my local bike shop quoted me under 200$ after looking over the dire condition of my bike and in a rush, I quickly looked over the hand written quote and said ok sure.

When I returned 4 days later, my baby did look pretty good but somehow the bill had inflated to the point where I almost spit out some of my coffee. A cool 250$ he said to me, so looking at the breakdown I saw 48$ for a new chain, 14$ per new tire tubes, and apparently installing those tubes requires 20$ in additional labor on top of the 95$ labor charge for the “complete tune-up”, among other questionable charges… Suffice to say, I was…

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Twitter & Business

Furniture & Mattress Advertising

When Twitter started in 2006 it was a platform for technology savvy people to communicate with each other in a quick and easy method.

Six years later that has all changed.

First lets learn some quick facts about twitter:

A third of monthly Twitter users are 25- 34 years old—the next generation to buy your products
U.S. Twitter users have higher incomes than the general population
More than half of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks

With more than 200 million users and 1.6 billion searches per day Twitter has become one of the largest and most successful social networks in the world.

However, there in lies the question. How can my retail store use Twitter to capture more customers?

The answer is much more varied than you would expect. Twitter is a social media tool that has extensive business opportunities. Lets take a look…

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Truth in a Facebook world


My recent readings from the popular social media website ‘mashable.com’ made me write this article. Of the two articles I read recently, one was specifically tagged under social media and the other, under HowTo. The first article ‘5 things your digital agency isn’t telling you’, talked about 5 irrelevant and un-researched pointers. Upon reading the article, I also went on to read the comments to the article and that blew my mind! Reading all of them left me thinking how on earth such an article could find place in a site such as ‘mashable.com’. Every one of the 5 pointers was crushed down with solid reasoning.

I move onto the second article. The title of this article, “Not on Facebook? Employers, Psychiatrists May Think You’re a Psychopath” immediately attracted my attention. In today’s world, it is not uncommon for anyone to gratify a hungry mind with titles as these. And…

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BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton

The Three Building Blocks Of A Social Media Strategy:

Social NetworkingAre you overwhelmed with all of the social media choices available today? Do you struggle with choosing the best platform for your business? For the overworked and time crunched business owner, navigating the social media waters can be intimidating, challenging, and occasionally frustrating.

Click through for tips on how to build your social media strategy. Were you aware of them?

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