Exploring Social Media as a Personal Negotiating Tool

Keys N Keys

After a 6 year hiatus I decided to get back into mountain biking, but during that time my little brother turned my beautiful mountain chariot into a dilapidated non-functioning rust bucket. The shifty manager at my local bike shop quoted me under 200$ after looking over the dire condition of my bike and in a rush, I quickly looked over the hand written quote and said ok sure.

When I returned 4 days later, my baby did look pretty good but somehow the bill had inflated to the point where I almost spit out some of my coffee. A cool 250$ he said to me, so looking at the breakdown I saw 48$ for a new chain, 14$ per new tire tubes, and apparently installing those tubes requires 20$ in additional labor on top of the 95$ labor charge for the “complete tune-up”, among other questionable charges… Suffice to say, I was…

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