Truth in a Facebook world


My recent readings from the popular social media website ‘’ made me write this article. Of the two articles I read recently, one was specifically tagged under social media and the other, under HowTo. The first article ‘5 things your digital agency isn’t telling you’, talked about 5 irrelevant and un-researched pointers. Upon reading the article, I also went on to read the comments to the article and that blew my mind! Reading all of them left me thinking how on earth such an article could find place in a site such as ‘’. Every one of the 5 pointers was crushed down with solid reasoning.

I move onto the second article. The title of this article, “Not on Facebook? Employers, Psychiatrists May Think You’re a Psychopath” immediately attracted my attention. In today’s world, it is not uncommon for anyone to gratify a hungry mind with titles as these. And…

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