Twitter, Google, Wyoming, More: Morning Buzz, August 15, 2012


Google Doodle for Julia ChildThe co-founders of Twitter have launched a new publishing platform, but it’s in early private beta and not too much to talk about yet. (Read the comments for links to more coverage.) In the meantime, Twitter-founder-backed Branch is out of private beta.

More Twitter: wondering how many of your Twitter followers are fake? Here’s a new tool to give you an estimate.

Even more Twitter, this time an Olympics overview: 16 days, over 150 million tweets.

Google has seriously expanded its patent search tool with the introduction of European patents.

The State of Wyoming is getting a new natural resource mapping tool. It is described as a “… computer-based mapping tool for viewing the locations of a wide variety of wildlife habitats, big game migration corridors, federal/state/private land status, human structures such as towns, roads, oil or gas wells; and other features… ”

PC World has…

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