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No Technique Doesn’t Have Its Place

This is the first blog for 2012 and we are so happy for this brand new year for new experiences in art.  This is a carving plaster clay sculpture. It was a cast block of plaster which took about two hours to set in a bucket. Then carved into an abstract form, which has enclosed negative openings going through it.  It has asymmetric in every direction and has at least two masses of different sizes.  The carving was the hardest thing to be done, then the edges were filed down to make them smooth.  Due to the shape of the sculpture is holds the water inside of the clay so the drying time is going on even while the carving is going on.  Once desired shape has been completed the sculpture is then brushed painted.  I used a white metallic  color but you can use any color you want.  The…

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Visiting an Angel

Shady Gaff


Despite living less than ten miles away from the Angel of the North ever since it appeared in 1998, I had never actually taken the time to go and see it up close. I’d passed it countless times in cars, admired it from a distance and absent-mindedly accepted it as part of the local landscape. It became one of those many things that were on my doorstep that I was happy to claim as my own when it suited me, but I never bothered to experience first-hand. So, when I got the opportunity to visit it this week I jumped at the chance.

It is impressive up close, particularly the wing span which almost seems to defy the physical possibilities of the structure. It stands resolute, with a real sense of immovable permanence. The Angel’s sheer scale takes it out of the human world, yet it remains almost defensive…

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Design + Mathematics = Klein Bottle-Inspired Home

The Rayograph

On an awkwardly-shaped site along Australia’s Rye Beach sits the remarkable Klein Bottle House, designed by McBride Charles Ryan. I had no idea what a Klein Bottle was until stumbling upon this structure – and, actually, after skimming the explanation, I still seem to have little idea of what it is. The design is definitely intriguing, however! The plans themselves – seen below – are quite beautiful.

Via Inhabitat.

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Sculpting from Iron Nuts – Manuel Marti Moreno

Unique Design Obsession

Take a peek at these amazing figurative sculptures made from iron nuts! For years, Spanish sculpture Manuel Martí Moreno has used his art to create forms meant to remind us of our mortality. As time passes, so do we. The intricate portraits all slowly fade into the distance, dissolving until there is seemingly nothing left.

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Wild Heart

Erys, an addition to my child heads series done in clay and found objects. Completed on Christmas Day, Erys is made out of clay reinforced with acrylic resin, paper, found toy objects, chess pieces and layers of acrylic paint. Working until late Christmas eve, I painted the last (and 6th) layer of paint right at the stroke of midnight.

After a tedious Internet search for possible title names, I settled for Erys, a variant of Eris, goddess of destruction and ruins.

While working on Eris I also started prepatory work on the 9th piece, a more upbeat and light-hearted work which I hope to finish, yes- at the stroke of New Year’s day!

Happy holidays to all!

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John Chamberlain

:d white b[l]og



.first of All, Rest in Peace Sir & thanks for all d progress!

I would like to mention on my blog for one of d first modern sculptors in d art history. Inventive for d time when he start with his creativity work and pretty unique to be part of d history as respected artist that was promoting d diversity of expression nowadays. It’s hard to find ur own signature, to be something that shows d quality of d artist also as d topic he is working on.


John Angus Chamberlain [ b.April 16, 1927 – d. December 21, 2011] was American sculptor that is best known for creating sculptures from old automobiles (or parts of) that bring the Abstract Expressionist style of painting into three dimensions ..

His works have been exhibited around the world and have been included in the São Paulo Art Biennial…

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