crusty grungy weekend

I love this.

mobius faith imaging

It’s been awhile since I photographed what I think is really cool grungy, crusty, stuff. I’ve been in the mood lately for that kind of thing. So that’s what I’m sharing here today. The first shot was taken just this morning at a train “bone yard” that a friend directed me to. I’ll probably have more to post from that location later. The next two shots were taken in an alley in downtown Medina, OH while I was just walking around. Specifically the second shot titled “Faith Pollution” was some grunge label and rust gunk off of a dumpster. The third shot was a back wall that had all these steel plates welded together and were obviously painted different colors at one time. So enjoy. Hope all my subscribers have a great weekend. And if you celebrate Christmas – please STOP shopping already and enjoy.



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