Black Milk

gabrielle von bernstorff

Black Milk

The question is not: What is being? Rather, philosophy begins internal to life. The question is not ‘what came first’. Modern philosophy is one of multiplicity, superimposition, weave, density, depth and warmth. There is a caloricity. This is an interior philosophy. It is embodied.

Dreaming and imagination replace experiment and method. Dreaming or reverie is not removed from reality. We must invent the heart of things if one day we wish to discover them. (Gaston Bachelard) Anaxagoras speaks of the snow which is composed of water as being black despite our eyes. There is an alchemical transfiguration, material imagination is demiurgic. Collette Gaudin says that in the heart of matter there grows an obscure vegetation: in the night of matter, black flowers blossom. They already have their velvet and the formula of their scent.

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