Travel Thursday | Nu Hotel Milan, Italy



Project: Nu Hotel | Architects: Nisi Magnoni Architects Location: Milan, Italy| Compleated: 2012

‘Nu Hotel is the ideal solution for your business or leisure trip to Milan, located few minutes away from Linate airport and few steps from the Underground Station. Thirty eight different rooms, with every detail designed and created by hand, makes Nu Hotel a unique and sought after place as well as elegant and practical, with all the comfort and the indispensable services. From the five meters tall windows of the panoramic restaurant, located on the roof, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Milan where to taste dishes fromtraditional Italian cuisine.’  Nu Hotel 

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Nervous Nellies and their Little Mysteries

Art-Colored Glasses

digital drawingHyde and Seek

In my youth my friends and I,

When we were of a mind,

Played little games, amused ourselves,

Were seekers of a kind,

But then grew old and cynical,

Unable to unwind

The fright of not just how or when,

But whom, we feared to drawing

Things of which one ought to be scairt

The fretful Porpentine, I hear,

Grows scarier from year to year,

No less than Jabberwocks and ghouls

That frighten us and make us fools,

And like Godzilla and his ilk,

Make desperate for hugs, warm milk

And night-lights, all us children who

Are scaredy-cats, like me. And you?

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