Quite eerie don’t you think? The clock is owned by my late Uncle so I guess the feeling comes from that old piece. The quote, I once read as cited in E. Redfern’s THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES. Be a life-long learner and never sacrifice a day by just being idle.

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The Soul and the Photographer pt I

St.Lezin Photography

As I was reading this morning, I was meditating on the relation between the body and the soul.  Basically, I was trying to come up with a simple, possibly photography related, metaphor to explain their interaction.  I like simple, practical philosophy.  The photographer is the soul and the camera is the body.  Simple enough right?  There are many reasonings for this line of thought; visualizing vs seeing, the potential for failure, the operator and the tool, and the potential for breakdown.  In this first installment, I will discuss the first point, visualizing vs seeing.

The photographer can visualize, the camera can only see.  When photographing, it is the photographer who feels inspired to capture a moment.  The photographer comes across a scenic landscape and is taken aback by waves crashing against cliffs.  The photographer sees deep shadows and bright highlights that can be brought out of the scene in a…

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A Midsummer day in Finland


Yesterday we Finns celebrated the Midsummer, and I too put my daily life on hold to be replaced by a rudimentary summer cottage on the lake side, sausages scorched on an open fire and potato salad. Sounds pretty weird to some maybe, but it’s a tradition loved by the whole nation C: I did manage to take some photographs here and there, though, and here are a few of them ^^ Enjoy!

This is a close up from our Juhannus kokko, which is a bonfire usually made of branches and wooden objects that are no longer in use, old shelves, floorboards, what ever is around. Our kokko was pretty small, but many people make them several meters high.

“No smoke without a fire” says the Finnish saying, but it’s certainly true the other way around too, as we soon found out.

A view near our cottage C:

More Juhannus pictures in future posts!

A dream…

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