Abstraction and Patrick Heron and Francis Bacon and me

Roger Gregory

Patrick Heron

I went along to the Birmingham Art Gallery recently and they had a room full of new paintings, two stood out the crowd and they were the works of Francis Bacon and Patrick Heron. Some would say these artists are opposite sides of the same coin. The fact, in life they had neighbouring studios during their St Ives period. It is great to see their paintings hanging very close to each other.  Heron’s picture called “Porthmeor ” was executed when he was 50 years old, really grabbed my attention, it was an image which for me provoked a thoughtfulness, I spent quiet some time trying to understand his process and appreciate the art work fully.

Francis Bacon

Figures in a landscape by Bacon 1956, this picture was behing glass, so there’ s a problem with reflections but I’m sure you’ll get a fair view of his work. This painting…

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